Bad Flash Drive Recovery

Portable flash drives are the most frequently used storage devices and, at the same time, it becomes the big annoyances when they fail. When you connected to a computer such bad flash drives can be identified as "unknown device" or have RAW format or can be seen in the system as a zero capacity of disk. If you try to access them the messages like "Insert disk" or "no disk access" can drive you completely mad.

Sometimes, a flash drive becomes read-only and when you are trying to delete / create a file the "Disk is write protected" message occurs. This message is an indication of the firmware damage, so controller on flash drive switches to protect the data to prevent NAND from further deterioration (memory of the NAND flash is damaged mainly in the course of data record).

Some of the identified causes for bad flash drives are mentioned as follows:

Corruption of flash drive files system.

Severe virus infections.

Incorrect formatting/reformatting.

Interruption during the process of file transfer.

Flash drive bad sector.

Improper removal, abrupt system shutdown and power failure.

Exposure to extreme moisture or heat on flash drive.

Whatever may be the cause for bad flash drives, you really care about the valuable data that you kept on it. Then you need to restore flash drive data. But you are really confused about selecting the right software. To resolve your confusion, here is a reliable flash drive recovery tool to successfully recover bad flash drive on Windows & Mac OS. This tool has a user friendly interface that will show the complete list of recovered files at the end. This software recovers only logical damage of flash drive, if there is any physical damage in the flash drive then this software will not recover data from flash drive .

Few precautionary steps for bad flash drive:

The best possible way to overcome the loss of data is to keep another copy of files stored on the flash drive and to update it regularly.

Also make sure that your system is free of harmful viruses / malware / spyware, to avoid the corruption of your flash drive. But if data loss has already taken place, then you have to stop using bad flash drive from for storing new files. Because it would lead to overwriting of lost files space on flash drive with new data thus leading to permanent loss of files.

Features of bad flash drive recovery:

Flash drive recovery software is advanced built with special algorithms to deeply scan your USB flash drive and retrieve flash drive on Mac & Windows for searching lost or inaccessible files when it dies or unrecognized by when you connect it to the computer.

It has the capability to retrieve around 280 file types such as Word files, video files, audio files, images, RAW photo files, excel sheets, zip archives, etc. based on their unique file signatures.

This tool comes handy with simple and interactive user interface, using which even a novice user will be able to carry out dead flash drive data recovery in simple steps.

Using this tool, it is possible to recover corrupted flash drive data after accidental deletion, formatting, corruption and other reasons.

It supports data recovery on all popular brands of USB flash drives including Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, HP, Lexar, Sony and lot more.

This flash drive recovery tool can retrieve deleted files from flash drive that bypass Windows Recycle Bin and disappear from your flash drive.

Now learn how to recover bad flash drive by referring the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and launch free trial version of bad flash drive recovery software. After software launched, select "RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES" from main screen.

Recover Bad Flash Drive - Main screen

Step 2: Select either "PARTITION RECOVERY" or "FORMATTED / REFORMATTED RECOVERY" from next screen according to your loss scenarios.

Recover Bad Flash Drive - Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 3: Select the bad flash drive from where you need to recover files. Then software start scanning process, once this process is over you can view recovered file in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

Recover Bad Flash Drive - View in File Type View or Data View

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users