Corrupted Flash Drive Recovery

Flash drives are the best way to transfer your files from one computer to another. Not because they are small enough to fit on a key chain, but they also have large saving space and are relatively inexpensive. However, just like all other forms of memory, data can become unable to open or corrupted, making the file useless and giving the user a headache. There is a way, though, to get around the issue and recover deleted files from flash drive.

Flash drive recovery software is non-destructive and read-only data recovery utility capable of providing safe and accurate retrieval of data from inaccessible, formatted or undetectable USB pen drive. All the data including images, pictures, audio, video, songs, music, clips, text, documents lost due to accidental loss, virus damage, corrupted drives, Quick Format, software corruption, and system crash can be effectively and efficiently recovered from all types of flash drives including Pen Drive, Thumb Drive, Jump Drive, Zip Drive, Memory Stick, Data Traveller, Handy Drive, Flash Drive, Key-chain Drive, Jet Flash Drive, and USB Flash Drive.

Scenarios responsible for corruption in flash drive:

Improper device usage: Files from flash drive can become inaccessible after format error which mainly occurs due to improper device handling. This can occur due to improper drive removal. If you have removed the flash drive from the computer while its files are being used, then it can cause damage to the file system of the flash drive. As a result, the flash drive may show error message like "drive not formatted, do you want to format it now?". Read more regarding Transcend flash drive at

Interruption of file transfer: If you are performing cut and paste operation to move data from flash drive to another drive then it should not be interrupted. If it is interrupted then you will lose the file being transferred. Sometimes power surges, sudden system shutdown, etc. interrupts the file transfer and hence data loss.

Virus Attack: Files from flash drive can be lost due to virus attack. This can happen after using the same flash drive in different computers or in the computers which are already infected with virus. Once the flash drive gets affected with virus means its entire file system gets affected as a result of which it become inaccessible to the user. In such scenario, you need to retrieve flash drive which is inaccessible files from the flash drive.

Data lost due to errors: Errors like "drive not found" or "drive not formatted" displayed on the computer makes the data on the flash drive inaccessible. So by using tool you can restore bad flash drive.

Features of corrupted flash drive recovery:

Scans complete flash drive in a few minutes to restore flash drive on Mac & Windows operating system.

Advanced scanning algorithms helps to how to recover corrupted flash drive from complex data loss scenarios.

Recover flash drive after formatting or reformatting it from FAT to NTFS or vice versa.

Recognizes and retrieves pictures from flash drive and also documents, audio and video file formats.

Supports recovery from most popular flash drives like Kingston Data Traveller, SanDisk Cruzer Blade, Transcend Jet Flash, Lexar Jump Drive, Sony Micro Vault etc.

Recovered data can be sorted based on the name, date, size and file type.

Steps to recover corrupted flash drive:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of corrupted flash drive recovery software. After installation select "RECOVER PHOTOS" from main window.

How to Recover Corrupted Flash Drive - Main Screen

Step 2: Choose either "RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS" or "RECOVER LOST PHOTOS" from next screen. Select the corrupted flash drive from where you need to recover file. Then software starts scanning.

How to Recover Corrupted Flash Drive - Select Drive

Step 3: Once scanning is over, you can view recovered file in "FILE TYPE VIEW" or "DATA VIEW".

How to Recover Corrupted Flash Drive - Preview Recovered Data

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