How to Retrieve Lost Data from Flash Drive??

Flash drives are the solid state data storage drive which is most commonly called as USB drive as it can easily get well into any USB port of your computer or laptop. The flash drives are capable of storing data of different file formats without the usage of power supply. They are reliable and are so portable which lets you to carry large amount of data inside your purse or pocket. Based on the heavy demand, various brands are made available in the market which manufactures USB flash drives such as HP, Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend and many more. Being so advanced, even these flash drives are vulnerable to data loss situations because of various reasons either because of human errors or as a result of application malfunctioning.

Consider such situation where your flash drive became inaccessible due to file system corruption. File system of flash drive holds all the critical information about the files such as creation date and time of file, size of file, type of files, etc. Because of power surge during file transfer process, abruptly pulling out the flash disk or due to some other reason,  if your flash drives gets corrupted then it would not let you to read or write any data onto the flash drive resulting in huge loss of data. Are you upset and thinking how to retrieve lost data from flash drive? Just be calm, you have landed at the right place!!! Flash drive recovery tool is the best software to recover lost data from flash drive, it is highly suggested by most of the technical experts who are involved in designing data rescue toolkit.

This utility helps you to restore data from damaged flash drive efficiently without making any modifications to the source file which ensures that your original lost file is safe. Check over here, for additional reading about this tool.

Now moving further, let us take a quick look on some of the factors under which users lose their significant data from flash drive.

Few possible data loss scenarios on flash drive are:

Q: Have you formatted your flash drive?

Ans:Formatting is one of the most common reasons behind loss of data which is normally faced by a lot of users. When you format any drive, it creates a new storage area and assigns new file system by deleting all the existing files. Suppose you were formatting some virus affected hard disk partition. But, by mistake you selected the connected flash drive and formatted it which erased all the saved information resulting in data loss. Other than this, users also format their hard drive in order to boost system performance by removing all the existing viruses. Always format your drives, by taking proper backup of stored data. If you forget backup before formating, then just use recover flash drive application and get back lost data from flash drive.

Q: Did you lost data because of improper execution of file transfer process?

Ans: Flash drives are normally used as backup drives. People keep on updating their backup copies. Assume that you connected the flash drive to your PC to create backup of some crucial files. But, as a result of continuous power variations your computer turned off which interrupted the file transfer process. This will in turn corrupt the flash drive files that are residing inside it leading to loss of files. If you want to recover lost data from flash drive then you have to use restoration tool. In a very short time span this tolol will get back lost data from flash drive. Flash drive recovery programs helps to get back bad flash drive files quickly and safely. Click this link now in order to grasp complete information about this retrieval utility.

Q: Lost files due to generation of errors?

Ans: Errors might be generated while converting a flash drive from basic to dynamic or vice versa, during file system conversion for example FAT to NTFS, malfunctioning of application, transferring files, power surge etc. Generation of errors will inhibit the access to the stored data files and makes you to face severe loss of files. But using flash drive recovery app you can recover lost data from flash drive with utmost ease. The software knows how to retrieve lost data from flash drive of various brands including Toshiba, SanDisk, Transcend, etc.

Effective properties of flash drive recovery application:

  • You can run this software not only to recover lost data from flash drive but , it can also regain lost files from memory card (CF, SD, XD), external HDD, computer or laptop’s hard drive, digital cameras, FireWire Drives and many other compact digital products. If you want to recover deleted/ lost images from your CF card, then visit this link:

  • It uses powerful scanning engine that scans and restore lost data from flash drive by using unique file extension of that particular file.

  • With the help of this tool, you can effectively recover lost data with complete folder hierarchy as this recovery toolkit offers various data retrieval modules which help in restoring data.

  • The software can successfully perform flash drive recovery on Mac as well as on Windows operating system computers.

Learn how to retrieve lost data from flash drive:

Step1: First get the free demo version of this tool and install it on your computer’s hard disk. Connect the flash drive from where you want to restore lost files. Launch the software and select "RECOVER FILES" option to get back lost data from flash drive from main screen as in Figure 1.

Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive - Main screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Now choose "RECOVER LOST FILES" from the screen in order to recover lost data from flash drive as in Figure 2.

Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive - Select Recover Lost Files

Figure 2: Select Recover Lost Files

Step3: After this, a list of logical drives will be displayed. Select the flash drive from where you want to retrieve lost files as in Figure 3.

Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive - Select Flash Drive

Figure 3: Select Flash Drive

Step4: The tool starts scanning the drive, once you successfully complete lost data recovery from flash drive you can view the restored files in "FILE TYPE VIEW" or "DATA TYPE VIEW" as in Figure 4.

Recover Lost Data from Flash Drive - Preview File

Figure 4: Preview File

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