Recover Pictures on Flash Drive

Flash drives are the portable data storage devices. If you want to carry few GBs of data then flash drives, also called as pen drives are the best. You can store lots of files on the flash drive like photos, audios, documents or any file type. The data transfer is easy using flash drive. There are number of flash drive brands in the market today like Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, HP, etc. You can have the flash drive with memory storage capacity varying from 2 GB to 128 GBs.

There are times when the photos on the flash drive will be lost. Suppose you are deleting some of the pictures from the drive of the computer. After deleting only you will realize that you had deleted some of the important pictures from the flash drive inadvertently. Those pictures might be of yours captured when you had been for an outing with family few days back. You do not have the other copy of the photos also. What can be done in that situation? Have you lost the pictures permanently? Absolutely not, you can recover pictures on flash drive using recovery software. Retrieve flash drive using Flash Drive Recovery Software with mere efforts.

Some of the usual scenarios in which pictures are lost from flash drive:

File System corruption: The File System of the flash drive might get corrupted due to virus attack or any other reason. When the File System gets corrupted, the flash drive will not be accessible and you will lose all the data on it. In that situation, you can recover your important pictures from the corrupted File System using recovery software.

Lost while data transfer interruption : The photos might be lost when the transfer process is interrupted. The data transfer could be interrupted when the flash drive is removed while the files are still being moved to the other drive on the computer. In that case, the lost files on the flash drive can be recovered using recovery software. Flash Drive Recovery Software helps you to recover files efficiently.

Accidental format: The flash drive can be formatted accidentally. After formatting, the files will be removed from the drive forever. In such situation, you will lose the data on the flash drive. If you do not want to lose the pictures on it then you need to recover that using recovery software. Flash Drive Recovery Software helps can be useful for easy recovery of formatted flash drive.

Improper handling: The flash drive should be handled properly otherwise there are chances of card getting corrupt. You will lose all the files on it after card corruption. You might remove the flash drive abruptly from the devices and plug to different devices frequently. In those situations, you need recovery software to get back your favorite pictures from flash drive which is not accessible.

Advanced features of Flash Drive Recovery Software:

The Flash Drive Recovery Software helps you to recover pictures on flash drive. You can recover deleted or lost files on the flash drive. Click here to know more about deleted data recovery on flash drive. The software has powerful scanning mechanism to recover up to 300 different file types. If the file type is not present on the list of the software wizard then you can edit the list to add new file type to be recovered. The software supports data recovery from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you are a Mac user then there is a separate version of the software for Mac users as well, discover more here.

Software is capable of recovering the lost data from pen drive, external hard drive, memory cards, memory sticks etc., and supports all most all popular brands of flash drive like SanDisk, kingston, transcend etc. Click here to get more info. Try the demo version of the software to experience the recovery process.

Simple steps to recover pictures on flash drive:

Step 1: Download and install Flash Drive Recovery Software on the computer. Run the software and plug in the flash drive to the computer. Select “RECOVER PHOTOS” from main screen of the software.

Recover Pictures on Flash Drive - Main screen

Step 2: Select “RECOVER DELETED PHOTOS” or “RECOVER LOST PHOTOS” from next screen depanding on the file loss scenario. Select the drive of the flash drive to be scanned and proceed to scan using the software.

Recover Pictures on Flash Drive - Select Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Step 3: After scanning, you can view recovered file in “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW” on the screen of the software wizard. Preview the pictures and save on the computer.

Recover Pictures on Flash Drive - View in file type view or data view

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